Russia Went Through To The World Cup Quarterfinals And Turned Moscow Into A Giant Party To Celebrate

Just looking at these photos is giving me a hangover.

If you missed it, on Sunday Russia won its knockout stage World Cup match against Spain.

The win marked the first time since 1966 that a Russian team had made it through to the quarterfinals of a World Cup. It's safe to say that Russian fans were pretty happy.

Super happy.

So happy that Moscow turned into a giant street party. Journalists, locals, and fans who had traveled to Russia for the World Cup documented the city's celebrations on Twitter.

Cars kept honking their horns. / Via Twitter: @MishaMorozov

This journey from the stadium is amazing! Fantastic stuff! Let’s just say traffic in Moscow is moving slowly tonight after that sensational win! Party on! #Russia #Moscow #WorldCup

It’s a proper party on the Moscow streets after beating Spain. + plus the mother of traffic jams. #KweseFIFA

(Yep that's someone riding a moving car.)

People chanted on the metro.

Party on the Moscow Metro! #RUS #worldcup

And the streets of Moscow were full of people who wanted to keep the party going through the night.

The party will go on all night in Moscow. I want this for @England.

Central Moscow is one big party right now.

Probably worth pointing out at this point that Russia is still three whole games away from winning...

Fans from across teams represented at the tournament also joined in.

And it lasted well into the morning.

6am. Monday morning. There’s still one big party on the streets of Moscow after #Russia goes through to #world cup quarter finals.

4:25am. One block from the bank of Moscow... which has to open in 5 hours

You can only imagine what the party will be like if Russia wins its next game...