Hurricane Ian: Images Of The Storm's Devastation

Hurricane Ian tore through parts of Florida, yielding historic levels of damage.

Florida officials are only beginning to calculate the scope of Hurricane Ian’s destruction on the state, but scenes of devastation are already emerging. Millions of residents under evacuation orders had traveled to safer areas in anticipation of Ian, but many stayed to weather the storm. The full extent of the damage is still unclear, but officials have warned that it will be catastrophic.

“People should understand this storm is having broad impacts across the state,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said at a news conference on Thursday, “and some of the flooding in the areas hundreds of miles from where this made landfall are going to set records.”

A woman holding a broom and dustpan stands in a room filled with mud and debris
Water submerges a street, reaching at least half the height of buildings' first floors
Spray paint on boards reads "Go Home Ian" and "♥ CBT"
A person stands with their back to the camera; on the other side of chain-link fence from them are small destroyed planes in a heap
A potted plant lies on its side in a street filled with several feet of water
A public mailbox stands encased in shrink wrap
Palm trees blow in the rain near houses
A person wearing safety goggles braces as they hold up a measurement instrument in the wind and rain
At night, a paved road lies in fragments

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