"You're A Disgrace": Baseball Fans Hurled Insults At Ted Cruz While He Attended A Yankees Game

The Texas senator got a real New York welcome during his visit to Yankee stadium.

America may love to hate Yankees fans, but Yankees fans sure love to hate Ted Cruz.

The Republican senator from Texas attended a game between his home team, the Houston Astros, and the New York Yankees in the Bronx on Sunday. Though he shared a smiling selfie from the stadium, videos posted on social media show he was met with insults and middle fingers.

TikToker Eitan Levine posted a video in which a member of the crowd can be heard yelling, "Fuck you, you racist piece of shit!" Another shouted, "You suck, you're a disgrace!"


Ted Cruz walking through #Yankee Stadium was a beautiful moment for #NewYork #nyc #eitanthegoalie

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In a tweet, Levine called the jeering "a beautiful moment for New York." That was a sentiment shared by many on social media.

The guy yelling at Ted Cruz at the Yankees game is a more effective communicator than most elected Democrats.

Twitter: @owillis

Ted Cruz got the Bronx treatment last night.

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Ted Cruz going to Yankee Stadium proves his staff really, really, really hates him.

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Ted Cruz attended a Yankees baseball game, and multiple attendees were seen giving him “the bird” as he posed for pictures. Also, to put this into perspective, Ted Cruz flew to New York and sat in luxury seats as his constituents back in Texas suffer from a failed power grid.

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Cruz had a prime seat behind home plate, so he was easy for viewers at home to spot, too.

Win or lose, the real reason Ted Cruz is in the Bronx to watch this game is to do a post where he's like "I saw a swarthy man in New York and he looked mean. This is Joe Biden's America, and it's only going to get worse."

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Other footage from the audience showed people flipping Cruz off as he waved, urging him to "go back to Cancún" and booing him as he left the game.

Democratic strategist Keith Edwards, who says he broke the February 2021 news about Cruz heading to Cancún amid a power crisis in Texas, went viral again with a post about the Yankees game.

Edwards drew over a photo of Cruz waving at the crowd, showing that three people are flipping the middle finger at him, and another is giving him a thumbs down.

"Does Ted Cruz have a humiliation kink?" Edwards asked BuzzFeed News in an email.

According to a tweet from journalist Hunter Walker, Cruz left the game at the top of the sixth inning while the score was tied.

Cruz wasn't around to see his Astros completing their sweep of the Yankees to make the World Series, but given the already volatile state of the home team's fans, that might have been for the best.

A day later, Cruz appeared on The View to promote his new book. He was heckled there, as well.

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