7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

This week, we tried to balance out the hard truths of the world with some joy, which came in the form of a delightful interview with Laurence Philomene. CNN has a great feature on how goats are helping elephants survive, which will warm the coldest of hearts. We never say no to the work of Jamel Shabazz, whose 1980s portraits appear in AnOther Magazine. Photographer Stephanie Mei-Ling has an amazing range of work, which is featured in Andscape.

The war in Ukraine reached the one-month mark with no signs of slowing down — we took a look at the homes destroyed by the Russians and the lives upended. The New York Times Magazine has a gorgeous photo series on the citizens of Kyiv, and Reuters has a roundup of how dogs are coping with the conflict.

"A Photo Memoir That Looks at Two Years of a Transition" — BuzzFeed News

A naked person with an arm tattoo lies on a couch on their side, with their back to the camera, and looks at the camera

"These Baby Elephants Are Thriving, and They Have Goats to Thank" — CNN Photos

Baby elephants gather around a woman and her child

"These Heartbreaking Photos Show the Damage From One Month of War in Ukraine" — BuzzFeed News

Portrait photos of a couple are seen scattered on a floor covered in debris in an apartment damaged by a bombing in Kyiv

"Jamel Shabazz's Empathetic Portraits of 1980s New Yorkers" — AnOther Magazine

Smiling children sitting in a car with the windows down gaze at the camera

"Stephanie Mei-Ling Takes a Sociological Approach to Photography" — Andscape

A woman at the West Indian Day Parade wears a colorful bathing suit and a brimmed hat that says "Haiti" with other paradegoers and police officers behind her

"Dogs of War: Ukrainians Flee With Their Canine Companions" — Reuters

A  Polish army soldier carries a refugee's dog, wearing a fur collar, in a plastic bag on the way to board a train

"The Citizens of Kyiv" — The New York Times Magazine

A serious-looking woman and a man, standing in front of several loaves of bread in a pan

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