These Heartbreaking Photos Show The Damage From One Month Of War In Ukraine

Russia's invasion is taking a heavy toll on human life and infrastructure as Ukrainians continue to stand their ground.

The Russian war in Ukraine has reached the one-month mark, with little sign of progress toward peace. Ukrainians have put up fierce resistance to the invasion, stalling Russian movement outside major cities and refusing to surrender.

But the war has come at a steep cost. Russian forces have increased indiscriminate bombing in residential areas and limited the use of humanitarian corridors. And on Wednesday, the US formally declared that Russia had committed war crimes by purposely hitting civilian targets in Ukraine. Over 3 million people have left the country — mostly women and children, as men between 18 and 60 are barred from leaving. For those who stay behind, the shelling has left a landscape of damaged and destroyed buildings that were once homes, schools, and businesses. The photos of people searching the wreckage for belongings and survivors serve as reminders of how much will need to be rebuilt.

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