A 3-Year-Old Did A Reddit AMA And It Is Honestly The Purest Thing

"How does the sun work? It take a nap."

This is Caleb. He is 3 years old and lives in Texas.

Last week, Caleb's dad, 27-year-old Matthew Clark, stumbled across the casualiama subreddit and noticed that all the AMAs were with regular people. "I'm pretty simple, but I knew Caleb would have some fun answers," Clark told BuzzFeed News.

So he decided to start an AMA and have people ask Caleb their questions.

"Since he acts like he knows it all already, I figured a few people would get a kick out of his answers," Clark said.

"Caleb doesn't know what an AMA is, but I told him some people had questions they needed help getting answers to," Clark said.

"He was real enthusiastic at first but started to get annoyed so I stopped asking too many at a time," Clark said.

Clark said that Caleb's favorite question was the one about his favorite book: "He said 'The Three Little Pigs' in a very excited tone and ran to go get it so we could read it."

Clark said that he did not expect the AMA to get such a huge response, adding that he can't wait to read this article to Caleb.

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