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16 Women Who Were Totally Fed Up With Their Man-Baby Partners, And Had An Epiphany: "I Need Out Of This Relationship"

"I spent 15 years supporting him, his career, his kids from a previous relationship (all while running the house). There was no appreciation for any of it, and I started crumbling under the pressure. I needed to take time for myself, and started going to yoga and dinner with friends. Apparently, I was being selfish and unsupportive of him. I realized he didn't care about me as a person — only what I did for him."

21 Screenshots Of Entitled Tourists That Scream "I Deserve Special Treatment," "Rules Don't Apply To Me," Or "This Isn't How It Is Where I'm From"

"I was sitting with my husband at a cafe yesterday and here comes a young couple with their dog. I had lost count of how many people I had seen with their dogs not just that day but the previous days of my vacation too. So I decided to speak out about it because it was bothering many people were inconsiderate of others. I called out this couple...[they] ignored me...I called the manager."

Non-Rich People Are Sharing Things That Rich People Will Never Have To Deal With, And It's Just As Eye-Opening As It Is Infuriating

"Rich people have no clue how expensive it is to be poor. Making more money equals saving more money: being able to buy in bulk, paying cash for a car or a house, buying high efficiency appliances, buying solar panels, paying less insurance because you don't need full coverage, being able to work from home and save on gas money, and not having to constantly pay for car maintenance."