No One Was More Excited To See Nancy Pelosi Elected Speaker Than Her Granddaughter

Bella clapped and bounced up and down as votes were cast for her grandmother.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi was reelected to be speaker of the House of Representatives.

And no one was more excited about this than Pelosi's granddaughter Bella.

As votes poured in for her grandmother, Bella clapped and bounced in her seat, unable to contain her joy.

She looked so proud of her grandma and hugged her as she spoke to lawmakers.

When it came time for Pelosi to cast her vote, she held hands with Bella, who jumped up and down and shouted, "PELOSIIIII!"

When it was time for Pelosi to take the oath of office, she invited all the children in the chamber to come up and join her.

Bella, of course, raced to stand right by her grandmother's side.

Earlier in the day, Pelosi's daughter tweeted a photo of her mother and daughter sharing a sweet moment before the election.

A "Madam Speaker" pin could be seen on Bella's dress.

"My faves getting spiffed up for the big moment," Christine Pelosi tweeted.

My faves getting spiffed up for the big moment .... #WomenLead #DemsTakeTheHouse

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