People Are Protesting For A Fully Independent Investigation Of Any Trump Ties To Russia

People turned out in New York, DC, Philly, St. Louis, and more cities.

In New York, D.C., Philly, many cities around the US on Saturday, people gathered at the "March for Truth" to demand an independent investigation of any ties President Trump or his aides have to Russia.

New York City drew massive crowds for the march.

#MarchForTruth NYC!!! 70% chance of rain all morning. I don't think so. We've got work to do.

#MarchForTruth is underway in NYC 's Foley Square!

As did Washington, D.C.

Crowd getting YUGE at #MarchForTruth in DC! #ImpeachTrumpPence #Trumprussia

At the D.C. march, protestors spelled out "investigate Trump" in the middle of the National Mall.

Protestors spell out "investigate Trump" on National Mall

People also protested in Philly.

And (of course) Pittsburgh.

@POTUS you won't co-opt the name #Pittsburgh for your subversive, historically wrong-headed agenda #MarchForTruth

People marched in St. Louis.

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has had enough of trump's corruption, bigotry & lies. Demand the truth! Beautiful. ❤️ #MarchForTruth

None of us were paid, @realDonaldTrump We just think you suck at your job. #MarchForTruth Los Angeles



Heard from .@AndrewGillum & .@JulianCastro + local candidates @ #miami #MarchForTruth .@WomensMarchMia .…


Indianapolis #MarchForTruth at the Statehouse. Great, optimistic crowd


How long will they hide? #MarchForTruth #Raleigh #trumprussia #trumptaxes #emoluments #saveourhealthcare…


#MarchForTruth #Detroit citizens demand action. No more coverup, tell the truth! @marchfeed


Over a thousand people marching for truth in Seattle! #MarchForTruth @TruthMarchSEA @AynRandPaulRyan


🎶"All we are saying, is give truth a chance!"🎶 #MarchForTruthPDX


Great turnout today at #Marchfortruthrva! @IndivisRichmond

San Francisco.

.@sfpelosi delivers a message from @NancyPelosi at our @IndivisibleSF flash mob in support of #MarchForTruth


Singalong time at Denver's Commons Park. #marchfortruth #marchfortruthdenver

Salt Lake City.

We may be small in numbers but strong in will! @MarchForTruth17 #MarchForTruthSLC


Today, we #MarchForTruth in #Cincinnati


.@IndivisibleTeam @indivisibleomah #MarchForTruth @maddow @MarchForTruth17 Omaha, NE March for Truth 2017…

And Chicago, where some protestors came on rollerskates.

The Rollerbladers are here. They are doing a skate tomorrow "first to worst" skating all the President streets end…

Chicago is on the #MarchForTruth

And the protests even extended to overseas, with people marching in Brussels.

Dance like #Russia isn't watching! #MarchForTruthEU #MarchForTruth

And London.

The awesome signs are gathering at the @MarchForTruth17 in London in Grosvenor Sq 📣🇺🇸

And, as expected, people everywhere brought their A+ sign game.

#SpiceyHedge times 2 #MarchForTruth Chicago

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