Here Are Some Of The Best Vines To Watch Before Twitter Kills It

From the funny to the creative to the straight up ridiculous, we'll miss you, Vine.

Today is a somber day, because Twitter is killing Vine, the company announced today.

Created in 2013, the platform became home to some of the weirdest, funniest, most creative people on the internet.

In memoriam, here are some of the greatest moments Vine ever gave us.

1. Who could forget the seminal classic "who is she"?

2. Or the musical stylings of Maple?

3. There was this guy, who doesn't know his damn Pokemon:

4. The whistle register to end all whistle registers:

5. This Vine, that was low-key a snuff film:

6. And this Shiba's killer dance moves:

7. This Liam Neeson rap was straight 🔥:

8. This peek into the Canadian wilderness:

9. And this vicious army of ducks:

10. "Why You Always Lyin'" was an instant mmmmohmygod classic:

11. This sweet moment between siblings:

12. "Cinnabon Iver":


14. The definition of turnt:

15. This body slam:

16. Ralph, the Tater Dog:

17. And the iconic corgi flop:

18. Anytime dogs did anything, tbh:

19. This groovy mom:

20. This time Arkansas had some explaining today:

21. "Nae Nae" Dynamite:

22. Pretty much anytime someone flipped a chair:

23. Or a water bottle:

24. The realest shit:

25. The honest to god truth about killing spiders:

26. This guy who was too lit for Krispy Kreme:

27. And this time a furry sank in quicksand to Evanescence:

28. Who could forget the softest "what?"

29. From cat Vines...

30. bird Vines...

31. ...we'll miss all of the beauty and weirdness of Vine.

RIP Vine. Forever in our hearts.

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