We're Not Gonna Know Anything For Hours, So Here Are Some Funny Fake Electoral Maps People Are Making On Twitter

"An electoral map if Biden wins every state containing area codes where Ludacris claimed to have hoes."

Ah, you're doomscrolling too? You're certainly not alone. Maybe if we all just keep refreshing Twitter, we'll get the election results sooner.

But if that doesn't work, here's a bit of levity: people on Twitter are making their very own electoral maps, and they're pretty damn funny.

an electoral map if Biden wins every state containing area codes where Ludacris claimed to have hoes

the map if biden wins every state where taylor swift didn't have a marvellous time ruining everything

The map if Biden wins every place referenced in the 3rd verse of Beez in the Trap by Nicki Minaj

Electoral map, where every state mentioned in a Red Hot @ChiliPeppers song votes Biden/Harris (275 Biden, 263 Trump)

Some of them are looking like big sweeps!

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the map when the president only wins the states mentioned in the hit 2009 song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

My electoral map prediction #elections #Election2020

electoral map if biden wins every state sufjan stevens said he would write an album about

As a light-wash fan, I have to call this projection into question.

the electoral map if people voted their jean color

If Biden only wins the states where Sir Mix-a-Lot said "jump on it," there won't be much jumping tonight.

The electoral map if the girl reading this won every state

If @JoeBiden only wins states mentioned in @steadycraig songs, he'll have the largest win in 32 years.

But can you imagine if any of these maps turn out to be right??

here’s the electoral map if it were modeled after Iceland’s flag:

The electoral map if Biden wins all the states where the Boyz II Men want to have sex with their fans according to the 1994 hit 'All Around The World'.

the map if biden wins every state my chemical romance is touring in

Anyway, this has been an Election Day meme! Now back to doomscrolling. Unless you haven't voted yet, in which case, go do that.

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