Data Shows Tucker Carlson Is The Daily Stormer’s Favorite Pundit

And it isn’t remotely close.

It’s no secret that Andrew Anglin, among the United States’ most prominent white supremacists, loves Tucker Carlson.

Enamored of the Fox News host’s antagonistic interviews with liberals and people of color, his hostility toward multiculturalism, his xenophobic reports about migration at the southern border, and his outright regurgitation of white nationalist talking points about white farmers in South Africa, Anglin has described Carlson’s show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, as “basically ‘Daily Stormer: The Show'” — a reference to Anglin’s notorious website. He has called Carlson “literally our greatest ally.”

Now, new research shared with BuzzFeed News reveals just how obsessed the Daily Stormer is with the 49-year-old Carlson, who is the subject of hundreds of stories on the site over the past two years, far more than any other conservative pundit.

An analysis by an independent researcher, who requested anonymity because he feared retaliation from Anglin and other neo-Nazis, found that Carlson had been featured in 265 articles on the Daily Stormer between November 2016 and November 2018.

By way of comparison, Sean Hannity, considered President Trump’s most rock-ribbed supporter on Fox News, was featured in 27 articles in the same time period; Laura Ingraham, another Fox News host, in four; and Lou Dobbs, whose Fox Business show frequently focuses on the alleged dangers posed by immigrants, two. The researcher used subject tags, created by Daily Stormer to categorize topics on its site, to arrive at the above numbers. BuzzFeed News was able to independently verify the researcher’s work by using the same method.

Most, but not all, of the stories feature clips from Carlson’s show. A typical story seizes on a confrontation between Carlson and a guest — usually a Jew, a racial minority, or a woman — and attaches a disturbingly violent headline. An April 2018 segment in which Carlson debated a Cuban American news analyst over so-called cry closets for students at the University of Utah to de-stress during finals became, on the Daily Stormer, “Tucker RAPES AND IMPREGNATES Crazy Eyed Whore in a COLLEGE CAMPUS CRY CLOSET.” A February 2018 debate over gun control became “Tucker FILLS Liberal Kike with LEAD for Demanding Gun Control.” A January 2018 Carlson interview with a DACA recipient became “Tucker Carlson FORCES Fat Beaner Whore to CHOKE to DEATH on GREASY TACOS.” There are dozens more stories along the same format.

In the stories themselves, Daily Stormer writers, who are anonymous except for Anglin, repeatedly characterize Carlson as a publicly cautious ally in an approaching race war, in which whites will be forced to defend the United States from racial minorities, immigrants, and Jews. “We meme a lot about how Tucker Carlson is a violent hero of neo-Nazi White supremacists, but he is likely actually /ourguy/,” reads the dek of a story about Carlson tweeting a link to Red Ice TV, a Swedish white nationalist website. “Tucker confirmed for reading Daily Stormer for talking points,” is the dek for a 2017 story about Carlson’s claim that Moonlight — a film about a gay black man — only won a Best Picture Oscar because of political correctness. And a clip of an interview with the Jewish conservative pundit Ben Shapiro led to a story earlier this month speculating that Carlson had fully converted to a blood and soil nationalist. “Tucker has clearly become the fully awakened White man,” the story reads. “Only the welfare of his folk concerns him … He’s articulate, coherent and clearly stands on a solid bedrock of folkish fundamentalism.”

Carlson has rarely addressed his racist fandom, which includes former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and Mike Peinovich, host of the white supremacist podcast The Daily Shoah. In an October interview with Playboy, informed of Anglin’s praise, Carlson responded, “I don’t want to get into it, because it sounds disingenuous, but I’m 49 years old and I don’t think I’ve ever met a white supremacist.” Later in the interview, Carlson added that he didn’t think “white nationalism is a relevant position to the current debate. I don’t think I’m an extremist. I’m pretty moderate by temperament.”

That may be the case. But to paraphrase one of the most indelible remarks of the year, Tucker Carlson may not be a white supremacist, but white supremacists think he’s a white supremacist.


Tucker Carlson is 49. A previous version of this post misstated his age.

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