This Video Of Alleged Voter Fraud Was Filmed By An Alt-Right Artist

Emily Youcis is best known for antagonizing former Gawker owner Nick Denton earlier this year, and as the Phillies vendor "Pistachio Girl."

As Americans headed to the polls Tuesday, Donald Trump supporters online were on high alert for electoral malfeasance in the inner cities of swing states, particularly in alt-right epicenters like the image boards 4chan and 8chan. On these sites, rumors ran rampant leading up to the election about artificial inflation of the black vote potentially swinging Pennsylvania, and possibly the election, to Hillary Clinton.

While reports of voter fraud today have so far been infrequent, 8chan and 4chan have seized on a video that purports to show electioneering outside a Philadelphia polling place. In the video, which has been passed around alt-right Twitter and reported by the conservative journalist Chuck Johnson, a man hands a document entitled "Official Democratic Ballot," with instructions for how to vote for all the Democrats on the ballot, to the camerawoman. It's unclear how far the camerawoman, or the man — who engage in a brief argument — are from the polling station.

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On Twitter, a woman named Emily Youcis took credit for the video.

Youcis, who Andrew Anglin, founder of Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, described as a "Jew-hating female shitlord," is an alt-right artist who is probably best known outside of Philadelphia for lewdly antagonizing former Gawker owner Nick Denton at an August event celebrating the site's history. In Philly, she's known as "Pistachio Girl," a vendor at Phillies games who loudly sells pistachios.

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She is also the creator of an animated video series about a dog that hangs out with "Pepe, Spurdo, Ben Garrison, Moonman, Donald Trump," according to Youcis's Newgrounds page.

The most recent edition of the cartoon, again according to Youcis's Newgrounds page, features "Sound Effects From MDE's James Price." MDE is Million Dollar Extreme, the alt-right comedy troupe, beloved by internet Neo-Nazis, whose weekly show on Adult Swim recently ended its first season.

Though Youcis has a Facebook page under her name, and though a 2012 article describes her as a painting major at Philadelphia's Temple University, there is no record of a woman named "Emily Youcis" in America, according to a search of

Youcis did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Kay Stimson, director of communication for the National Association of Secretaries of State, said that she had not heard any reports from Pennsylvania about the alleged voter fraud depicted in Youcis's video.

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