This Is The Most Uncomfortable Thing In The History Of The Internet

It's a website that takes your name and generates an image of your privatest parts.

If you go to this site, and I'm not saying that you should, but that you could, you'll see an input.

Simply put your name, or up to four names, in this box, and it will draw you a picture.

It draws you a picture of your penis. And it gives it a nice nickname, or nom de guerre, as it were.

You can compare your penis with up to three friends!

It will also show you your boobs.

And your vagina.

And your anus!

(You can also run a simulation to see how well your internet penis works with someone else's internet vagina. We'll leave that to your imagination.)

It appears to be the creation of a Japanese developer named Rarapima.

Anyways, enjoy! Don't forget to share it with your friends?