The 15 Best Uses Of Recycled Video Game Hardware

So, your old Dreamcast is bricked. Now you can actually do something with it.

1. This desk organizer made out of an old GameCube.

2. This deskmate made out of a Dreamcast controller.

3. The same thing, but made out of a GameCube controller.

4. ...And an N64 controller.

5. This wallet made of an old NES controller.

6. This iPhone dock made out of an NES controller.

7. And this one made from an NES.

8. This home theater PC housed in an old NES.

9. This urinal made from old SNES cartidges.

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10. These clocks made from old NES cartridges.

11. This lamp made out of an old Atari console and cartridges.

12. And this lamp made out of an old Atari joystick.

13. This actual aquarium made out of an Xbox 360.

14. This toaster made out of an NES. (Okay, this is a rendering, but someone do it!)

15. This briefcase made from an NES.

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