Everyone Calm Down, Twitter Is Not Testing An "Edit" Button

But people have a lot of opinions about the idea.

The official Twitter communications account posted a GIF of Jim from The Office on Friday, telling the world that the social media platform was not rolling out an "edit" button.

Twitter didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

Speculation started when a user noticed she could edit her tweet, but that was likely because of a browser extension like "Covfefe" or "Better TweetDeck" that deletes the old tweet and reposts a new version.

:::rubs eyes::: is that an ... *edit* ... button ... ? @twitter? what have we done to please you?

Rumors were fanned by Mashable, which quickly wrote a since-corrected post about the function.

Damien Erambert, the creator of the Better TweetDeck plug-in, had a laugh at the situation.

So apparently Big Blue Mark accounts are (re?)discovering @BetterTDeck and its ""edit"" feature and confusing it with a real Twitter addition https://t.co/7To83q9Fk2 I'm. Okay thanks for the free promotion but I'm dying at the mere chaos 🤣

He told BuzzFeed News that every few months someone "re-discovers" the extension, which has just over 40,000 downloads according to Chrome's own statistics.

"If anything it proves that the extension has its audience and that it's discrete enough to blend into everyone's workflow. So that's a cool endorsement!" Erambert said. "But I want to apologize to everyone who thought Twitter/TweetDeck actually implemented a real Edit function! I know this has been a "touchy" subject recently."

He agrees with the opinion that an edit button for Twitter would be a bad idea. "And on a personal level I'd honestly prefer to see Twitter working on other issues (harassments, hate speech among others) than to work on an edit button," he said.

Twitter users immediately had some ~opinions~ on the edit button.

Here's a take you'll think is hot but is not: The ability to edit tweets is a horrible idea that should never be enacted. "HaHa what a funny, innocuous joke, RT!" say 25k people. Then, with the click of an edit button, that joke is nazi propaganda. I'd rather live with my typos. https://t.co/T0IsgWnq4E

I know we want an edit button, but trust me, we don't want an edit button. You think information is hinky now? Wait till some troll gets a viral tweet and then edits it to say the most reprehensible shit. An edit history will help, but would require people to work to see it. https://t.co/xKaG672y7v

GOD DAMMIT i hate this site https://t.co/n79UHroohq

So, one last time, before you get into a fight about it, here's the status of the Twitter edit button:

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