He Joked About Not Having Seen His Wife Since They Got Married In Preschool 16 Years Ago. They Reunited On Twitter.

"Started when we were younger you were mine."

Jack Callow is a 20-year-old from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in the UK, and he is a law student at Nottingham Trent University.

He tweeted four photos of himself and his classmate at a preschool wedding from 16 years ago, and joked about not having seen his wife for a long time.

He told BuzzFeed News his memory of the day is very brief. He said: "But I remember that I proposed to her behind a tree, and the nursery kind of hopped on the bandwagon. Me and Rena were very close, and the nursery wanted to do something fun before everybody moved on to reception.

"So they put on a mock wedding for us, like a party for all the kids but based around us getting fake married. It was a great experience, and I think the parents enjoyed it as much as the kids."

Callow tweeted the photos from the wedding, and people thought it was adorable,

wait this is so cute omg https://t.co/CfFhjCppGN

😂😂This is so cute ❤️ https://t.co/qsORfArD73

He said he went to see his granddad for his socially distant 75th birthday party, and he found a lot of photos of himself there, but he had no idea that tweeting them would lead to Twitter trying to find her. He said: "It was all quite cute and fun and I guess a bit of a distraction from all the awful stuff going on around the world."

And Twitter did find her. Callow said he was shocked because he didn't think people cared enough. He said: "It kind of demonstrated the power of the internet and things going viral as a way to get people's attention and spread information. It was quite interesting."

Started when we were younger you were mineeee https://t.co/11a7FYfwiC

The girl in the photo is now-21-year-old Rena Jutla, a student from Buckinghamshire, and she told BuzzFeed News she remembers practicing the wedding beforehand with Jack. She said: "I don't know how it got taken so seriously, but I'm glad it did. The photos are so cute.

"I remember my older cousins and parents sat watching from the 'altar' and remember the Hula-Hoop archway that nursery had decorated for me to walk through."

Jutla said when she saw the tweet, it made her laugh and that it was the first time she had gotten to see those photos. She said she was shocked to see the tweet go viral and that the replies are sweet.

The tweet has gone viral across different social media platforms, and both of their families and friends have seen the tweet somehow.

She said: "My dad was definitely proud of my five minutes of fame. He rang all of his friends and sent them the link to see it.

"My cousin's wife rang me the same night I responded and was shocked as her cousin from Canada had sent it to her. I couldn't really believe it had reached that far."

A lot of people online were suggesting they reunite and get married for real, but Callow said he just wanted to tweet some nostalgic photos.

Callow added he's in a relationship and said at first "she wasn't very happy the world wanted me dating someone else, but she finds it funny now."

"All my friends and family thought the pictures were really cute and thought it was funny how they went viral. My mum actually saw the pictures on an Instagram meme account before I told her, and she phoned me like, What's going on?"

@renajutla Get married NOW!!!!!!!

@renajutla @JdaRealer Time to renew your vows!

@renajutla do you know what this means? this means you were destined to be together. you find eachother 16 years later through twitter??? just get married fam 😭

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