These Photos Show Just How Terrifying The Fires Are In California

Tens of thousands of Californians have been forced to evacuate as massive wildfires fanned by winds continue to burn through the state's arid landscape.

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Approximately 180,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as the massive Kincade and Tick fires threaten arid regions of both Northern and Southern California. In an effort to reduce the risk of sparking additional fires, Pacific Gas and Electric has shut off the power to nearly 3 million Californians in those regions. According to California fire authorities, the Kincade fire is only 5% contained as of Monday morning and has destroyed 66,000 acres of wildlife and property, while the Tick fire burned approximately 4,600 acres in Los Angeles County last week.

Early Monday morning, a new fire fanned by Santa Ana winds erupted in near the Getty museum and the 405 freeway, destroying several homes and forcing the evacuation of thousands.

These pictures show how these massive wildfires are affecting the people and wildlife of California.

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