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In case you somehow missed the news, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end this month after 20 seasons.


Across hundreds of episodes and iconic moments ranging from lost earrings to 72-day marriages, the show has acted as a vehicle through which the Kardashians have entertained their core fanbase and controlled their public image.


Over the last 14 years, KUWTK has propelled the family into the upper echelons of stardom, transforming them from little-known Calabasas boutique owners into billionaire entrepreneurs and some of the most recognizable, powerful celebrities on the planet.

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News that the show was ending therefore came as a shock to many fans, and remains a risky business decision.

For the last decade, KUWTK has established the family as knowable public personas, fueled their promotional machine, and provided the solid foundation on which their other business ventures grew. Without it, their entire empire risks collapse.

Season 20 will allow the Kardashians one final promotional push — one last chance to stoke drama and fuel headlines on their own terms before entering a new world without KUWTK as the driving force behind their fame.

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The stakes could not be higher, and as a result, we know that the family is preparing to bow out with a series of explosive storylines:

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• Khloé and Tristan are planning to have a second baby just two years after splitting following a string of cheating scandals.

• Kourtney is being linked to Scott once again while also moving on with a new relationship.

• And, of course, the show’s original protagonist, Kim, looks set to deliver her most shocking scenes yet after reportedly storing up all the details of her divorce from Kanye West for a dramatic KUWTK reveal.

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