People Are Calling Travis Scott “Immature” After He Seemingly Shaded Kylie Jenner’s New Business Venture On Instagram

“Being shady to your Baby mama business when at the end it will only benefit YOUR kids is wild.”

Looks like Travis Scott isn’t loving Kylie Jenner’s newest business venture.

Travis in a shirt and jacket with braided hair and sparkling necklace, looking off-camera

For a reminder, Kylie and Travis dated on and off for about five years, and in that time, the pair welcomed two children together — six-year-old Stormi and two-year-old Aire.

Kylie in a form-fitting dress cuddles with Travis, who's wearing a suit as they pose for photographers on the red carpet

Shortly after their split was reported in January 2023, Kylie started dating Timotheé Chalamet. Since then, Travis has seemingly shaded the actor in his music — indicating that he’s not pleased that Kylie has moved on.

Timothée Chalamet and Kylie seated together at an event

And now, it appears Travis is shading his ex once again — this time over her new product launch.

Travis Scott smiling, wearing a graphic tee and layered necklaces, stands next to a man with a laptop

In case you missed it, Kylie is the latest celeb to venture into the alcohol industry with a new line of canned vodka sodas.

closeup of kylie in a leather strapless dress

Notably, one of the other “players” in the market is her ex, who also happens to have a line of canned, fruit flavoured alcoholic beverages.

Travis Scott in a sleeveless top and chains, holding a can, with tattoos visible, posing

And so, with the launch of Sprinter, it looks like Travis isn’t too pleased that Kylie is dropping a competing product.

Two cans of 'Cacti' hard seltzer on a table with text "Nothing better"

It didn’t take people long to take notice of the seeming shade, with fans describing him as “immature.”

Travis Scott sitting courtside at a basketball game while holding a can of his Cacti drink

Interestingly, others were more skeptical of Kylie, questioning why she’d come out with a competing product — particularly when she has plenty of other business ventures on her résumé.

Kylie in an one-shoulder gown at an event

Travis’s assumed dig comes less than two months after he was called out for seemingly accusing Kylie of using Ozempic to lose weight.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner pose together; he in a suit, she in a structured strapless gown

Kylie has not addressed the Ozempic speculation off the back of Travis’s line, though her friend, Yris Palmer, recently shut down the chatter on her behalf.

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