The Hidden Meaning Behind Lewis Hamilton’s 2024 Met Gala Look Was Perfectly On Theme, And Other Guests Should Take Note

“Stories like this are part of what make the met gala so beautiful… Being able to share history in a way that can be preserved.”

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More often than not, men who attend the Met Gala are guilty of doing the bare minimum when it comes to the theme. But if there’s one person we can count on to understand the assignment, it’s Sir Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton seated, smiling, holding a microphone, wearing Mercedes F1 team gear

Showing his counterparts how it’s done, Lewis made his fifth Met Gala appearance on Monday in a custom all-black Burberry look that paid homage to this year’s theme in more ways than one.

Lewis Hamilton at the Met Gala

The dress code for the event was “The Garden of Time,” inspired by a J.G. Ballard short story of the same name, and the British Formula 1 legend used the opportunity to honor the first Black gardeners in the UK — namely, John Ystumllyn.

Lewis Hamilton in a black tuxedo with gold chain detail at a celebrity event

“What I love about the Met, and what Anna [Wintour] does with the Met, is that I’m able to really deep dive into the theme,” Lewis told Vogue on the red carpet, explaining the inspiration behind his outfit.

Lewis Hamilton in a black suit with jewelry, holding a mic, interview backdrop
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With the help of his stylist, Eric McNeal, and Burberry’s Daniel Lee, Lewis paid homage to “the legacy of John Ystumllyn and the beauty of his work” with the floral embellishments on his jacket, and stitched inside the all-black ensemble was an Alex Wharton poem titled “The Gardener,” which is inspired by Ystumllyn’s life in Wales.

Lewis Hamilton showing the details of his ensemble at the Met Gala

In a way that others often don’t, Lewis expressed to Vogue how important it is to him to embrace the theme, and over on X, fans wasted no time before praising his “dedication, attention to details, and creativity.”

Lewis Hamilton in a black tuxedo with gold chain detail at an event

Of course, Lewis is no stranger to making a statement at the Met. In 2021, he memorably purchased an entire table at the event to platform Black creatives who wouldn’t have otherwise been invited, using his star power to give emerging talent the chance to shine.

Group of people at an event wearing a variety of high-fashion outfits, some with intricate designs and textures

You can watch the full clip of Lewis’s Vogue interview here.

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