Kylie Jenner Opened Up About Her Rocky Relationship With Kendall After Jennifer Lawrence Noted How “Different” They Are

“We both have this strong presence and personality, but that’s not a bad thing,” Kylie said of her older sister.

In a brand new interview, Kylie Jenner opened up about her rocky relationship with her sister Kendall, and how they’ve gotten closer over the years.

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If you’re a long-time viewer of the Kardashians’ different reality shows, you’ll know that the youngest sisters of the clan haven’t always seen eye to eye.

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Aged just nine and eleven when Keeping Up With The Kardashians began filming, Kendall and Kylie have had the majority of their lives caught on camera — including some of their biggest fights.

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From pulling hair and play-fighting as kids, to brutal arguments over friends and clothes in their teens, Kylie and Kendall’s sibling relationship has been anything but harmonious over the years.

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In fact, their dramatic physical altercations weren’t only reserved for their childhood years, with the sisters coming to blows as recently as 2020 — all because Kylie wore an outfit Kendall had been planning to wear first.

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So, like any true Kardashian super-fan, Jennifer Lawrence made a point of quizzing Kylie on her and Kendall’s turbulent relationship in a new chat for Interview magazine.

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“You and Kendall are so different,” the Oscar winner began.

“You and me are Leos,” Jennifer said of herself and Kylie, who were both born in August. “We’re happy, excited golden retrievers. And Kendall, of course, is a Scorpio like our mother, Kris.”

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Digging deeper into their contrasting personalities, Jennifer asked Kylie about the things that bring her and Kendall closer and the differences “that are more difficult to navigate.”

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In response, Kylie said that Kendall’s bond with her five-year-old daughter has been something that’s made their relationship stronger since she became a mom in 2018.

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“Her bonding with Stormi has brought us closer,” she said, adding: “We both have this strong presence and personality, but that’s not a bad thing.”

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You might recall that in their earlier years in the spotlight, Kendall and Kylie were deeply intertwined by their brands and businesses, sharing everything from clothing lines to an entire novel.

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Today, however, the pair have carved out totally separate spaces for themselves when it comes to their ventures — with Kendall focused on modeling alongside her 818 Tequila brand, while Kylie keeps busy in the world of cosmetics, and more recently, fashion.

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Interestingly, Jennifer seemed to allude to this shift by saying that Kylie and Kendall “aren’t really ever vying for the same thing.”

In agreement, Kylie responded by saying that she and Kendall are “so different between our style and our personality” — which has perhaps come in handy when it comes to their relationship away from the family businesses.

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Back in February, Kylie confessed that she and Kendall have the “least in common” when it comes to their family, telling Vanity Fair: “You know what they say though? Opposites attract.”

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And while speaking with Jennifer in this week’s interview, Kylie made it clear that in spite of their differences, she and her sisters share an unbreakable bond thanks to their unique life experiences.

“It’s hard to find people who understand your life,” the mom of two said. “It’s such a rare thing that we’re all going through in this business and with fame, so to have each other to lean on has been really important and the reason why I’ve been able to stay humble.”

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You can read Jennifer and Kylie’s full interview here.

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