Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet Just Made Their First Public Outing At A Beyoncé Concert After Months Of Speculation About Their Rumored Relationship

If you’re gonna hard-launch your relationship, a Beyoncé concert is a pretty good place to do it.

The bets are off — it looks like Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet might just be the real deal.

A closeup of Kylie Jenner on the red carpet

Rumors that Timmy and Kylie are dating have been swirling since April. Although, it’s fair to say that there’s been a certain amount of skepticism surrounding the seemingly unlikely pairing.

A closeup of Timothée

While a steady flow of insiders have claimed over the course of the past five months that Kylie and Timothée are “hanging out” and “getting to know each other,” the pair haven’t actually been seen in public together since the dating rumors surfaced. That hasn’t helped widespread theories that the relationship is some kind of Kris Jenner orchestration.

A closeup of Kylie with her mom, Kris Jenner

Well, flash forward to today, and the skeptics might just be eating their words.

A closeup of Timothée

At long last, Timothée and Kylie made their first public outing — at Beyoncé’s birthday concert, no less.

Diana Ross singing Beyoncé happy birthday at Beyoncé's concert yesterday

In a video captured by an eagle-eyed Hollywood Reporter journalist, the rumored love interests were seen together in the star-studded VIP area at LA’s SoFi Stadium last night. The footage shows them talking and laughing closely before the show, seemingly making no attempt to hide from prying eyes.

Mark your calendars: On Beyoncé’s 42nd birthday, Timothèe Chalamet and Kylie Jenner made their public debut at SoFi Stadium to see Bey’s Renaissance stop on Sept. 4. Where there’s smoke… 🔥

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) September 5, 2023
@ChrisGardner / Twitter: @chrissgardner

Before this, the duo had been photographed together by paparazzi at a private family BBQ, as well as separately while driving between each other’s homes. However, this marks the first time that they have attended a public event as a pair.

A closeup of Kylie in a strapless outfit

Based on other fan footage, it appears that Kylie and Timothée arrived together at the concert and were joined by Kylie’s sister Kendall, who is believed to have introduced them. Kim and Khloé Kardashian were also in attendance, but weren’t seen to have mingled with Timothée and the Jenners.

A selfie of Khloé, North, and Kim

Of course, the recent outing obviously doesn’t serve as solid confirmation that the pair are an item. However, they certainly looked pretty comfortable together, so we’ll allow you to make of that what you will.

A closeup of Timothée smiling while holding a microphone in his hand

Inevitably, the online reaction to the video footage was nothing short of hilarious, with many fans coming to the realization that Timmy and Kylie could be Hollywood’s next It couple.

what do you mean the timothée and kylie jenner thing isn’t just a little silly

— anne. (@seoulofmischief) September 5, 2023
First We Feast / / Twitter: @seoulofmischief

Kylie and Timothée’s big Beyoncé debut comes less than a week after a British Vogue article garnered a ton of attention and criticism for questioning the authenticity of their rumored romance.

A closeup of Kylie

The story — titled “Are Kylie Jenner And Timothée Chalamet In Love… For Real?” — analyzed their perceived differences, positing that the dating reports were “just shy of believable” due to their supposedly contrasting lives and careers.

“Maybe it’s just that my conception of Chalamet is still stuck in ‘Kyle from Lady Bird’ mode, leading me to have a difficult time believing he’d be dating someone so Jenna Walton-coded instead of a girl who hews closer to the Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson weird-girl mold, but I just... don’t entirely buy it,” the author wrote, making reference to one of Timothée's critically acclaimed movie performances.

The passage continued, asking: “What do they do together? Does he hold her makeup brushes while she contours? Does she help him sift through Wes Anderson scripts? Does he give Stormi French lessons?”

A closeup of Kylie and her daughter Stormi

A number of quotes from the story ended up sparking a wave of backlash on social media, with many fans taking issue with the underlying sentiment that Kylie, a reality TV star and cosmetics mogul, isn’t worthy of dating a highbrow Oscar-nominated actor like Timothée.

why are they acting like she's a dumb bimbo and he's albert camus

— alice doesn't have bangs (@cinemamilf) August 29, 2023
Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic / Twitter: @cinemamilf

Right now, it seems that the article no longer appears on the British Vogue site.

So, with all that in mind, maybe Kylie and Timmy finally got tired of all the doubters? We’ll have to stay tuned.

Timmy walking outside while eating a slice of pizza
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