The Kardashians Shut Down A Viral TikToker Who Claimed She Had “Nightmares” While Working As Kris Jenner’s Assistant, And The Group Chat Screenshot Is Wild

“Who the hell is this?” Khloé asked in private messages after Kim sent a link to an article about a TikToker who claimed to have “nightmares” about the Kardashians while working for Kris.

The KarJenner sisters have united to publicly dismiss claims from someone who says they worked for Kris Jenner — and the whole thing is kind of confusing.

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In case you’ve not seen it, a 27-year-old named Madeline "Maddie" Steitz has been going viral on TikTok for more than a year for sharing videos about her experiences working as a personal assistant for high-profile individuals.

Maddie speaking into the camera as she walks outside

In several of her videos — which are posted under the handle @sweetasfork — she specifically recalls working for Kris at Jenner Communications between February and April 2022.

And while she doesn’t say anything explicitly negative about Kris, she did say in one TikTok — which appears to have since been deleted — that working for the mogul made her have “nightmares” about the KarJenner family.

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“One thing I do not miss about being Kris Jenner’s personal assistant is how much time I spent thinking about the Kardashians,” she admitted. “I would literally have nightmares about all the Kardashians because I just couldn't stop thinking about them all the time.”

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In a follow-up video, she made it clear that Kris wasn’t horrible to work for, but said that being consumed by your boss’s life is just an aspect of the job role.

“It's totally part of the job, no matter who you work for,” she said. “Their whole life is your life.”

Of course, if she was working so closely with Kris, you might be wondering why Maddie wasn’t asked to sign an ironclad non-disclosure agreement forbidding her from sharing information about her employer… Well, seemingly she was.

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In another video on her account, she explained that NDAs are standard practice in these types of jobs, since you “have access to so much info.”

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“I can’t really imagine a personal assistant role without an NDA needed,” she divulged. “You have to have access to so much info that no matter if it’s a celebrity or not, privacy is a super important part of the job.”

Needless to say, it didn't take long for Maddie’s videos to attract attention, and soon enough the Daily Mail ran a story about her claims of working with Kris.

However, only a matter of hours after the reports were published on Wednesday, the KarJenner sisters rallied together to dismiss the claims in their family group chat.

The private messages — which Khloé screenshotted and shared to her story — start with Kim sending a link to the Daily Mail article and its headline: “Kris Jenner’s ex-assistant lifts lid on working for the Kardashians.”

cropped screenshot showing kim sharing the link

The first sister to respond was Kylie, who scathingly asked: “who is this,” followed by Khloé who doubled down on the confusion. “Who the hell is this?” she replied.

At the center of the drama, Kris made her thoughts known by simply laughing it off, while Kourtney and Kendall chimed in too, both as confused as each other.

But despite the family’s confusion, this isn’t the first time that Maddie has gone on the record talking about her alleged experience working for Kris. In fact, earlier this month she discussed the topic for a Business Insider profile.

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In the interview, the journalist notes that Maddie only worked for Kris for six weeks due to the fact she was only hired to fill a spot for someone who ultimately returned to the job.

Looking back, Maddie claims she left the company on good terms, and had nothing but praise for Kris during the conversation.

“Kris doesn't do anything that's not strategic when it comes to operating business, and she's an absolute genius,” she said, reflecting fondly on what she apparently learned from the KarJenner matriarch.

“I think even more highly of Kris now than I did before I started the job,” she added. “It truly allowed me to start my company and I'm just so grateful for it.”

BuzzFeed has contacted Kris for comment.

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