Here’s Why Jacob Elordi Apparently Doesn’t Talk About His Relationship With Olivia Jade Despite The Fact They’re Still Together And “Going Strong”

The pair were first linked in 2021 and have never publicly discussed their relationship.

Olivia Jade showed up to support Jacob Elordi’s Saturday Night Live debut after a week of rife speculation about their relationship. So here’s a quick reminder of how we got here.

Jacob hosting SNL

Way back in December 2021, Olivia and Jacob were first romantically linked when they were spotted grabbing coffee together in LA. The sighting came just one month after Jacob’s split from Kaia Gerber, and before long it was reported that he and Olivia were “casually dating.”

A close-up of Jacob

For context, Olivia is a 24-year-old influencer and YouTube personality. You might also know that her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, were embroiled in the college admissions scandal of 2019, and both served time in prison after pleading guilty to paying bribes to get Olivia into the University of Southern California.

Jade and her mother, Lori, hugging on the red carpet

Since they were first linked, Olivia and Jacob, 26, have never discussed their relationship or attended any public events together. And while we don’t know much about them as a couple, it seems their two-year relationship has had its ups and downs.

A close-up of Jacob in a suit and tie at a Saltburn event

In August 2022, the pair apparently broke up for the first time, with reports claiming that Jacob was “completely focused” on his acting career and didn’t want to be tied down to a “serious relationship.”

A close-up of Jacob with a mustache at a media event

However, within only a matter of weeks, they were spotted together again, indicating that perhaps things were still on after all.

A close-up of Jade at an event wearing a sequined jacket and a large Chanel lock necklace

In the time since then, the low-key duo appear to have maintained a relationship despite Jacob’s busy acting career, and reports claimed that they were “getting serious” as they jetted off on multiple vacations together last summer.

Which brings us to this month, when Us Weekly reported that Jacob and Olivia had parted ways for good.

A close-up of Jacob at a media event

In the wake of hit movies like Saltburn and Priscilla, Jacob has become one of the most exciting and sought-after actors in Hollywood — which means that the news of his and Olivia’s alleged split prompted quite the frenzy online.

A close-up of Olivia in an outfit with a strapless bodice at a media event

However, the excitement didn’t last for long, since just a day after the breakup rumors surfaced, Entertainment Tonight and E! News reported that the pair were actually still going strong.

A close-up of Jacob with a mustache in a suit and tie

What’s more, all this chaotic speculation also happened to coincide with the week that Jacob was hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. And it seems that Olivia made the journey to New York City to support her boyfriend and subtly silenced the rumors, too.

Jacob hosting SNL

Ahead of Jacob’s hosting gig on Saturday, TMZ, citing production sources, reported that Olivia had been seen in and around 30 Rockefeller Plaza while rehearsals were underway. And later that night, the couple were photographed leaving the same afterparty.

A close-up of Olivia in a sparkly outfit on the street

With all this in mind, it looks as if these two are very much still an item — although it seems unlikely that they’re going to start being more public with their romance anytime soon.

A close-up of Olivia at a media event

Two months after Jacob declined to comment on his love life during an interview with GQ in November, an insider has shared some new insight into their low-key approach.

A close-up of Jacob at a media event

“They both enjoy keeping their relationship more private,” a source told the Messenger over the weekend. “Jacob likes keeping his work separate, and you will most likely not see them together in a public forum.”

A close-up of Jacob smiling slightly

The insider said that Olivia is “very understanding of his schedule,” and added that they “make sure to have FaceTime dates when he is away.”

A close-up of Olivia at a media event

As for the recent breakup rumors, the source also claimed that the couple is “still very much together and going strong,” and that there “was never a split” in the first place.

“Jacob has been very busy with work commitments, but they have managed to still spend time together in between, and the relationship is going well,” they claimed.

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that neither Olivia nor Jacob has publicly addressed the speculation. But for now, I think we can rest assured that they are enjoying each other’s company.

A close-up of Jacob in a pin-striped suit jacket and a shirt

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