This Anecdote From The “Friends” Set Is More Proof That Matthew Perry Was One Of The Kindest People Around

“I never forgot that and the world will never forget you,” John wrote.

Since Matthew Perry’s tragic death on Oct. 28, a whole host of his famous friends and costars have shared moving tributes to the beloved actor.

Among them was John Stamos, who took to social media to share a previously unknown anecdote from the set of Friends.

To refresh your memory, the Full House star made a cameo in a Season 9 episode of Friends in 2003, appearing as Zach, a potential sperm donor for Monica and Chandler, who are, of course, played by Courteney Cox and Matthew.

Earlier this week, John shared a clip from the episode on Instagram, giving fans some behind-the-scenes insight as he paid tribute to his friend and former costar.

He began by writing that he and Matthew knew each other pretty well before the cameo came about, so when he eventually appeared on the show, the two of them enjoyed hanging out on set.

“Standing backstage, ready to make my entrance, Matt whispers, ‘The audience is going go crazy when they see you! Get ready for some loud screams,’” John wrote, recalling the moments before he stepped out for his first scene.

Despite Matthew’s encouragement, John said his surprise appearance was met with complete silence in the studio. “I was so embarrassed,” he wrote of the awkward moment.

In case you’re already familiar with this story, you’d be correct in thinking John has talked about it in the past. However, what he’d never previously disclosed was the kind way that Matthew came to his support.

Once they’d finished shooting the scene, John said he was so mortified that he started to walk back to his dressing room, joking that the experience made him want to “quit showbiz” all together.

But, before he could make his exit, Matthew stepped in to rally the studio audience, telling them: “‘Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for John Stamos! You guys probably didn’t recognize him at first because he’s so much better looking in person!’”

Honoring Matthew’s act of kindness, John concluded: “I never forgot that and the world will never forget you. #ripmathewperry.”

This sweet anecdote echoes the tributes of other mourners who have shone a light on Matthew’s caring nature since his death.

Like John, actor Aisha Tyler — who appeared in nine episodes of Friends — recalled how Matthew supported her while they were on set together, saying he had a “gentleness and generosity of spirit that was unparalleled.”

“I learned how to tell a joke perfectly just by watching him work. And I will never forget the moment he leaned in, on my first night of taping Friends, to tell me warmly, ‘Get ready for your life to change,’” she wrote on Instagram.

Similarly, another one of Matthew’s Friends costars Paget Brewster said Matthew was “lovely” to her when she appeared on the show as one of Chandler’s love interests, and continued to be for decades to come.

Elsewhere, Salma Hayek penned an emotional tribute detailing her and Matthew’s close bond when they starred together in the 1997 movie, Fools Rush In.

“There is a special bond that happens when you share dreams with someone, and together you work toward them,” she wrote on Instagram. “Throughout the years, he and I found ourselves reminiscing about that meaningful time in our lives with a deep sense of nostalgia and gratitude.”

She concluded: “My friend, you are gone much too soon, but I will continue to cherish your silliness, your perseverance, and your lovely heart. Farewell, sweet Matthew, we will never forget you.”

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