Dalton Gomez Is Apparently “Learning To Accept” His Split From Ariana Grande After Being Seen In Public Looking “Incredibly Sad” Without His Wedding Ring For The First Time

On Friday, Dalton was photographed in public for the first time since his separation from the singer made headlines in July.

Ariana Grande’s estranged husband, Dalton Gomez, was seen in public for the first time since their separation was reported on July 17.

Ariana Grande leaning against Dalton Gomez as she smiles with her eyes closed and he looks at the camera

Over the weekend, the 28-year-old celebrity realtor — who met Ari through his work in 2019 — was photographed at a bar in West Hollywood looking visibly downcast.

Though he was reportedly with a group of friends, eyewitnesses told TMZ that he looked “incredibly sad” and apparently kept to himself the entire time he was there.

Ariana sitting in the judge's chair on the set of the voice

Notably, the photograph clearly shows that Dalton has followed his ex’s lead by ditching his wedding ring, which serves as more evidence to suggest that their marriage is over.

Closeup of Ariana Grande

While Ariana and Dalton have yet to officially file for divorce, their split has garnered a ton of attention, largely due to Ari’s rumored relationship with her Wicked costar Ethan Slater.

A closeup of Ethan Slater smiling at a media event

For context, reports of Ari’s new romance with Ethan came just three days after the news of her split from Dalton first broke. It’s been assumed that the pair met on the UK set of the Wicked movies, in which they both have starring roles.

Closeup of Ariana Grande

Due to the fact that Ethan is also currently working through a divorce with his ex, Lilly Jay, the timeline of the costars’ rumored relationship has been brought into question by fans and insiders alike.

Closeup of Lilly Jay and Ethan Slater

Sources have alleged that Ethan and Ari engaged in a public affair on the Wicked set, while simultaneously hanging out with each other’s respective partners as shooting was underway in London earlier this year.

Closeup of Ariana Grande

“They were sloppy on set,” an insider claimed to Page Six, suggesting that their alleged affair was common knowledge among their crew and costars. “They were seen being all over each other while he was still supposedly happily married to Lilly.”

Closeup of Ethan Slater and Lilly Jay

“Ariana and Dalton went on double dates with Ethan and Lilly several times — and they were seen out by cast members,” a source alleged, saying that Ethan and Lilly also apparently met Ariana’s mom, Joan, and her brother, Frankie.

Joan, Frankie, and Ariana Grande

Other sources have vehemently denied this, instead saying that Ari and Ethan’s relationship didn’t begin until they were both officially single. However, this didn’t stop Ethan’s ex from publicly slamming the pop star, saying she’s “not a girl’s girl.”

Closeup of Ariana Grande

For his part, Dalton has kept a low profile amid reports that he’s slowly coming to terms with their separation.

Closeup of Ariana Grande

“It’s been a little while since Ariana and Dalton split, but he’s been adjusting to his new normal and learning to accept it for what it is,” an insider told Us Weekly after his recent outing made headlines.

Closeup of Dalton and Ariana

They added: “It’s certainly not how he expected things to play out because he obviously assumed they would be together forever.”

Closeup of Ariana Grande

The source went on to say that Dalton “never imagined he would be going through a divorce in the public eye,” but that “he’s hanging in there and is grateful for his friends and family who have been really supportive.”

Closeup of Dalton Gomez

Aside from their noticeably absent wedding rings, neither Dalton nor Ariana have publicly confirmed their separation, but we’ll keep you updated.

Closeup of Ariana Grande
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