Ariana DeBose Has Responded After Being Included In A List Of Actors Who “Think That They’re Singers” At The Critics Choice Awards

After her name was read, the cameras cut to show Ariana looking visibly confused in the audience.

As awards season continues, so do the controversial jokes.

Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos fistbumping onstage

At last night’s Critics Choice Awards, Ariana DeBose was left visibly unimpressed after being listed among a group of actors who apparently “think that they’re singers.”

Closeup of Ariana DeBose

While handing out the award for Best Original Song, presenters Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos highlighted all the nominated artists, naming Billie Eilish, Lenny Kravitz, and Dua Lipa as “some of the most famous voices in the music industry.”

Billie Eilish, Finneas, and Dua Lipa pose for a photo at the awards show

Bella then read a subsequent joke that poked fun at “actors who also think that they’re singers,” listing off Ryan Gosling, Jack Black, and Ariana, who were nominated in the category, too.

Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos onstage

In that moment, the cameras cut to show Ariana sitting in the audience, looking understandably confused by the mention before awkwardly laughing it off.

Closeup of Ariana DeBose

If you’re familiar with Ariana’s work, you’ll know she’s a widely acclaimed Broadway star, having performed in shows such as Bring It On, Motown: The Musical, Pippin, and even Hamilton, where she literally appeared alongside Anthony.

Ariana DeBose onstage

In 2018, she earned a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.

Ariana DeBose onstage

And on top of all that, it was only two years ago that she won an Oscar for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story, in which — you guessed it — she sings. A lot.

Ariana DeBose holding her Oscar

So, with all this in mind, people were left pretty shocked by the implication that Ariana isn’t a real singer, prompting fans to share their disappointment on X.

Ariana DeBose onstage

“The disrespect to Academy Award winner, Tony nominee, Broadway star, Ariana DeBose is WILD,” one fan wrote, adding that “the look on her face really said it all.”

CW / Twitter: @DisneyScoopGuy

“This is so unfunny…like, Ariana DeBose is one of the few triple threats in the industry,” wrote another user who suggested that Bella could have “turned this joke down.”

Twitter: @mrjakeyshakey

Notably, others called out the award show’s writers, demanding to know who gave the joke the go-ahead in the first place.

Closeup of Ariana DeBose

“Ariana DeBose, Oscar award winning, Tony nominated, OG cast member of Hamilton on BROADWAY…‘THINKS she’s a singer’?!? Who wrote this bit?! I want names,” someone else said in response to the clip.

Twitter: @anthonyislegit

And now, Ariana has responded to the controversy by confirming that she definitely wasn’t a fan of the joke.

Closeup of Ariana DeBose

Taking to her Instagram story soon after the ceremony ended, Ariana wrote: “No I didn’t find it funny. Lol.”

Screenshot from Ariana's Instagram story

Neither Bella nor Anthony have addressed the backlash. You can watch the clip here.

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