Morning Update: A Volcano Eruption In Guatemala Kills At Least 69

Prosecutors say Manafort tried to tamper with witnesses, Serena Williams pulls out of the French Open, Apple wants to help you manage your time. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, June 5.

At least 69 people have been killed in a powerful volcano eruption in Guatemala

Authorities say the death toll from Sunday’s eruption is likely to keep rising. An extensive search for survivors continues in the ash and rubble, after Guatemala’s Fuego volcano exploded.

One official said, “It is very difficult for us to identify them because some of the dead lost their features or their fingerprints,” due to the heat from the volcanic flow.

The government says at least 1.7 million people across Guatemala are believed to have been affected by the eruption. Dozens have been injured, and evacuations near the volcano have involved more than 3,000 people.

It is not yet clear how many people are still missing.

Quick brief:

Prosecutors from Mueller’s team are accusing Paul Manafort of trying to tamper with potential witnesses

I know the Russia investigation story has lasted several months, so it’s easy to get lost.

So let’s do a Manafort recap. Paul Manafort is the former Trump campaign chair. In October, a grand jury indicted him on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, money laundering conspiracy, failing to disclose to the US government the extent of his work on behalf of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and other Ukrainian entities, and making false statements. Since then, another grand jury returned a new version of the indictment against him.

And where has Manafort been since the charges were laid? He was ordered on home confinement, meaning that he's had to wear two GPS monitoring bracelets.

Okay, so what just happened? Prosecutors say that Manafort tried to contact people connected to his alleged criminal activity “in an effort to secure materially false testimony.”

What consequences does that have? Manafort was on the cusp of reaching a deal to have his home confinement lifted. Now, special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is asking a judge to hold a hearing to consider whether Manafort's current terms of release are appropriate and whether detention is necessary.

So they want Manafort in detention? Here’s what Mueller’s office filed: “Manafort’s obstructive conduct — carried out at a time when he was seeking relief from his current conditions of release — instills little confidence that restrictions short of detention will assure Manafort’s compliance with the Court’s orders and prevent him from committing further crimes.”


President Donald Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles from a White House visit “because they disagree with their president” over national anthem protests. The team was expected to visit Tuesday to celebrate victory in the Super Bowl.

The US Supreme Court ruled narrowly in favor of the baker who refused to make a custom cake for a gay couple. But rather than ruling on whether the baker had the right to refuse the service, the justices found the body that adjudicated the case showed “hostility” toward the baker’s religious views. Activists on both sides are claiming victory.

Starbucks chair Howard Schultz is leaving the company and considering “public service.” There has been speculation that Schultz, who is often outspoken about political issues, is eyeing a presidential run.

Jon Stewart defended Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt.” He told a Q&A audience, “They don’t give a shit about the word ‘cunt,’” meaning the Trump administration.

To celebrate 500 days in office, Trump had a call with grassroots Republican activists where he said, “You remember Hillary Clinton calling everybody deplorables? … Well, the deplorables, we’re the hot ones right now.”

Apple just released a bunch of time-management features for the iPhone

Technology companies are now hip to the wider cultural skepticism of the value their products offer to our lives. Apple wants to help you kick your iPhone addiction and manage your digital life better, and it’s about time.

To do this, Apple is introducing a bunch of new tools. One tool, called Do Not Disturb During Bedtime, means if you fumble around for your phone at night and turn on the screen, you won't be hit by a barrage of notifications.

Another feature, called Screen Time, will give you reports on how much time you’re spending on certain categories of apps (like, say, social networks).

Readers of this newsletter will remember that a month ago, Google also rolled out features to help us kick our phone addiction. It’s all connected to the larger existential crisis in Silicon Valley over “time well spent.”

Maybe with these new tools, we’ll finally realize the problem was never the phones or the technology — it was us all along.

People are in love with this little girl who was born without legs but kicks ass in this fierce “warrior queen” photo shoot

La’Mareea, who’s 8, lives in Ohio. She recently did a modeling photo shoot. One image was so fierce the photographer accurately called her the “warrior queen.”

La'Mareea has a condition called caudal regression syndrome and was born without most of the bones you typically find in your legs. Her mom answered an ad for a local photographer who was looking for children to photograph. The result is this magical photo:

Find your fiercest self,


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