Men Have Eating Disorders Too. Are You One Of Them?

We want to hear from you for an upcoming BuzzFeed News story.

The statistics show that about 1 in 3 people living with an eating disorder are men. That is staggering. Yet for such massive numbers, we don’t often hear from men about how they’re managing their relationships with their bodies — be it food, or exercise, or body image. Studies show stigma is a significant obstacle when it comes to men talking about disordered eating.

On top of all that, enter the pandemic. The last year has challenged people’s relationships with food and movement even more. Between quarantines and gym closures, many of us are moving less. We’re also stress-eating more.

At BuzzFeed News, we’d like to understand that stigma. Some people with eating disorders binge-eat, do not eat for long periods, or count calories, but there are many ways that disordered eating can manifest. If you know you've been dealing with an eating disorder, or you've been controlling your eating in any way, we'd like to hear about your experience.

Would you be willing to share your experience (anonymity guaranteed, if you prefer it) for a future BuzzFeed News feature? If so, please fill out this form.

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