This Artist Drew Grammy Stars As Pokémon Trainers And It's So Dang Perfect

Gotta sketch 'em all.

If you thought the fashion at Sunday's Grammy Awards was out of this world, you weren't alone.

The red carpet was the scene of some truly astonishing looks served up by Ariana Grande in a gigantic gray tulle dress, Lil Nas X wearing a hot pink cowboy outfit featuring a leather harness, Billy Porter with a remote-controlled hat (!), and queen of the night Billie Eilish dressed in green and black, looking like she had just stepped out of the Matrix.

The four looks inspired a ton of chatter online with comparisons to Batman villains and the world of manga.

why does everyone look like a new Batman villain

Batman villain? Bitch? They look like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters

But a few people also began comparing the stars and their outlandish outfits to Pokémon gym trainers or leaders.

Gym leader Bug type, Psychic type, Flying type and Water type

They all look like Pokemon Gym Leaders!!! Billie Eilish is Poison Type, Lil Nas is Fairy Type, Ariana is Ghost Type, Billy Porter is Ice Type

This chatter caught the attention of 21-year-old Ray Pratiwi, an illustrator based in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, who uses "they"/"them" pronouns. Pratiwi has been a Pokémon fan for more than a decade and enjoys sketching the creatures and trainers in their spare time.

"A lot of the designs are not that complicated, so it’s relatively easier to draw, but also not too simple and generic," Pratiwi told BuzzFeed News. "The human characters are also nicely designed too! I’m a sucker for 'themed' character designs, and a lot of the human characters are designed around a specific Pokémon ‘type’. I really enjoy drawing them."

To Pratiwi, the comparisons of the Grammy stars to Pokémon trainers made a ton of sense, so they took out their tablet, opened Clip Studio Paint, and got sketching.

"I tried identifying what makes the Pokémon art style work," they said. "Since my usual art style isn’t too drastically different from Pokémon's, it wasn’t too hard — but I still took note that certain features are unique to this style, such as the eye shape, the face shape, the line work, and the shading style."

The end result? An astonishing work of fan art that immediately went mega-viral.

Let's take a closer look here.

You've got Eilish looking like a poison type badass and hanging with an Alolan Muk.

You've got Lil Nas stunting as a fairy type, accompanied by a Granbull.

Here's Grande the ghost type with her Dusknoir.

And, last but not least, there's Porter the ice type queen with a Glaceon.

"I posted it [on Twitter on Wednesday] and immediately went for a nap for around two hours, and by then it reached 9,000 retweets," Pratiwi explained. "And by now it's gotten up to 50,000, which is the most I've ever gotten on a drawing I made!"

It's safe to say people are loving the drawing — Lil Nas himself even liked the art on Twitter, something Pratiwi said was "pretty exciting."

@refrainbow @ArianaGrande @LilNasX @billieeilish @theebillyporter THE WAY I WANT THEM ALL TO DEFEAT ME IN BATTLE

@refrainbow @ArianaGrande @LilNasX @billieeilish @theebillyporter

But there was just one question remaining.

@refrainbow THE elite four we all deserve ❤️ Who’s the champ tho

"People have been saying Ariana would kick ass since she has a Dusknoir," Pratiwi weighed in, "but I'm betting on Nas."

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