People Are Sharing A Fake Hillary Clinton Speech Transcript

Hillary Clinton did not say that in a speech at Goldman Sachs. It's from a fake news website.

A fake transcript that purports to be from a paid speech Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs is circulating on Twitter and has been picked up by conservative websites and by Megyn Kelly's show on Fox News.

More than 2,000 emails belonging to Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta were released by WikiLeaks on Friday. In that cache of documents were details of paid speeches Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs and other financial firms. But they were not full transcripts.

Within hours of those documents going online, though, a fake transcript began making the rounds. It includes a section where Clinton supposedly refers to "a collection of generally under-represented, low social capital individuals" as a "bucket of losers."

Accounts that identify as Trump supporters are highlighting the phrase as they share the transcript.

But this fake transcript has actually been online since at least October 2 — five days before the WikiLeaks release. It was published by the totally dubious site

The site also published fakes slides to go with the invented transcript. This one talks about "Narcissistic-Millennials" as a voting group.

Even though the transcript is clearly a hoax, it continues to spread on Twitter and was featured on a segment on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show. She later aired an apology for spreading the hoax.

Right wing news site True Pundit published a story that treated the transcript as real, as did InfoWars.


Added video and links to the Megyn Kelly segment, and a link to an InfoWars article.

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