People Think Facebook Banned Sarah Palin For Calling Black Lives Matter "Thugs"

Nope, it's a hoax.

Last week Sarah Palin went on a Breitbart radio program to talk about Black Lives Matter. “They’re not protesters,” she said. “These are thugs. They’re rioters."

Many outlets reported her comments. But one website's story has been shared more than almost any other. It claimed Palin's comment got her banned from Facebook:

It's because the story is a hoax. is a fake news site that specializes in creating hoaxes that appeal to conservative audiences. Palin's photo actually appears at the top of the site and she's been featured in many fake articles.

In fact, enough people were sharing the story and talking about it on Facebook that at one point Facebook automatically generated a story page for the article and its reaction.

The hoax was well timed because Facebook recently displayed a large Black Lives Matter sign on its campus. That may have caused some people to think the company would try to censor Palin for her "thugs" remark.

People who believe the hoax are now voicing their distaste for Facebook and its founder. "Facebook and zukerberg [sic] are a bunch of cocks!!" according to this guy.

"Can I hear a great big SUCKERBUTT SUCKS?!?"

"Shame on Farcebook!"

Back on the National Report website, most commenters seem to have been fooled by the hoax. Though this person wondered how Palin could still be posting new things to Facebook if she's been banned:

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