No, Obama Did Not Pat Melania Trump On The Butt

This is some weak-ass Photoshop in action.

Remember when the Obamas greeted the Trumps on the White House steps on Inauguration Day?

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

After saying hello and posing for photos the Obamas ushered the Trumps inside.

NBC News / Via

Well, now there's a very badly photoshopped image making the rounds that has some people believing Obama put his hand...somewhere other than on Melania Trump's back.

No Lapdog Media / Facebook / Via Facebook: NoLapdogMedia1

And by bad Photoshop I mean so bad that you can literally still see some of Obama's original arm in the photo.

No Lapdog Media / Facebook / Via Facebook: NoLapdogMedia1

But even though it's an obvious fake the image is still spreading online.

InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson seems to be the kind of person who will post nearly anything sent to him. So of course he shared the photo and got thousands of retweets.

That prompted some other right-wing sites to publish posts claiming this had really happened.

Gateway Pundit / Newsalert

The site on the left is Gateway Pundit, which often posts false information. The editor of the site, Jim Hoft, has said he expects to get a spot in the White House press corps soon.

Hoft's post noted that the supposed butt pat "was not as apparent in the video" that he embedded in his story. Meaning he literally published information that debunked the fake while presenting the image as real. Hoft subsequently deleted his post, but it's still available in Google cache.

The photo was also picked up by a Nigerian news site, which went with the headline "See this picture of Obama putting his hand on Melania Trump’s 'bum bum' (photos)."

After promoting the fake image in its headline, the site ended its post by declaring that "a jobless person, took it upon his or herself to Photoshop the picture and placing his hand on her bum bum."

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the fake has been the Facebook page No Lapdog Media II. It's racked up 8,000 shares with a post.

No Lapdog Media / Facebook / Via Facebook: NoLapdogMedia1

The page asked two essential questions about the photo: "How will Obama mansplain this?" and "What will feminists say about this?"

Lots of commenters are making fun of the page for posting it, but it's still getting shared.

For his part, Paul Joseph Watson is now telling people he tweeted the image as a joke.

But the photo has spread far enough that even a Spanish-language debunking account on Twitter felt the need to put together a video.

NO, Obama no le tocó el culo a la Melania Trump. Es un bulo.

Es un bulo, friends.