We Finally Know The True Size Of Donald Trump's Hands, And They're Kinda Small

The Hollywood Reporter discovered Madame Tussauds took measurements and molds of Trump to create a life-size wax sculpture. His handprint remains on display at the New York branch of the museum.

So you may recall that people like to make fun of Donald Trump for having small hands.

New life was breathed into scrutiny of Trump's hands during the Republican primary. In February, Senator Marco Rubio joked, "You know what they say about men with small hands," after saying Trump had the hands of someone 5 feet, 2 inches tall.


Trump, of course, couldn't let that stand. In a March GOP debate, Trump assured the audience his hands were just fine — and so was everything else. (You know, his penis.)


But how big are Trump's hands really? The answer was unclear until The Hollywood Reporter found answers in an unlikely place — Madame Tussauds, the wax museum.

Turns out Trump's hands aren't so huge: Print and compare yours with #TrumpMyHand https://t.co/Udx4Mm7NKB

In 1997, a team from Madame Tussauds took molds and measurements of Trump's body parts — including his hands — to create a life-size wax sculpture, THR reported.

The wax Trump is no longer on display, but a bronze mold of Republican nominee's hand remains on the wall of the museum's New York branch.

Per THR, Trump's hand measures 7.25 inches from the tip of his middle finger to his wrist. And that's undeniably on the small size.

Online references generally agree that the average man's hand is 7.44 inches long. Trump, of course, is taller than the average man, measuring around 6 feet, 2 inches.

Donald Trump's hand at Madame Tussaud's times sq. These kids are saying "Donald Trump, ew! Where's LeBron James?"

So, Trump has smaller hands than most men, and particularly small hands for his size. Don't believe it? Stop by Madame Tussauds and see how he measures up.

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