Video Shows Police Officer Pinning Woman Against Car As Her Legs Dangle

"It's harassment. Any way you look at it, it's harassment."

A video posted to Twitter shows a Washington, DC, metropolitan police officer pinning a woman against his vehicle as her legs dangle in air.

So this just happened. I'm TIRED. he literally hopped out and did this immediately to her. No CONVO. Dawg. WTF

Twitter user @MacAndCheeks said she filmed the video on Monday at 7th Street Northwest and T Street Northwest. The officer picked up the woman after pulling over and held her in the air against the vehicle without provocation, the witness said.

"Your ass is dust," the officer can be heard saying.

The video has been shared thousands of times, and MacAndCheeks said she would file a formal complaint with the police department.

The woman was not arrested, and officers then left.


In a statement, DC police said they were aware of the video and investigating what happened. Police did not immediately answer questions about why the woman had been stopped.

The next day, the woman spoke in another video. Shadon said she is 32 years old and works as a teacher. Police had accused her of prostitution, MacAndCheeks said.

This is Shadon, 32. Lady assaulted by DCpolice in video I recorded. I met her formally. She wants to thank you ALL.

"It's harassment, any way you look at it, it's harassment," she told MacAndCheeks. "I'm a school teacher, and I work out here, and I help these little girls all day, every day. So there's no reason for you to assume there's somebody out here doing the wrong thing. And most definitely when I'm in uniform. Are you serious?"

She also spoke with Fox 5. She said she was at a bus stop Monday after buying school supplies for her daughter when she tried to stop a man harassing another woman.

Shadon said officer accused her of being a prostitute. This is why she was saying "I'm out here helpin lil girls" ..

When the officers arrived, they appeared to consider her a threat because she had been yelling at the man, she said. In reality, she said she was trying to help another woman. The officers did not give her their names when she asked for them, she added.

"If I see a woman out here in the streets, I would do anything to help her," she told MacAndCheeks.

"[Police] just assume somebody out here doing something negative."

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