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The NFL Votes To Move Extra Point Kicks To 15-Yard Line

Team owners voted to move the snap point back on Tuesday in an effort to make the game more challenging. They also approved changes to rules for two-point conversions.

Posted on May 19, 2015, at 7:09 p.m. ET

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NFL owners voted Tuesday to move back extra-point kicks from the 2-yard line to the 15, as well as to allow defensive players to score on turnovers during a two-point conversion attempt.

The move aimed to make the game more challenging, the Associated Press reported. According to an NFL report, extra-point kickers were successful 99.6% of the time last season, missing just five attempts out of 1,267.

Play will also now continue after a turnover during a two-point conversion attempt, the AP reported. A team's defense may now score two points for returning the ball to the opposite end zone. Previously, the play was called dead if possession changed during a two-point conversion attempt.

Together, the changes may inspire more coaches to go for the two-point conversion over the extra point, Niners Nation suggested.

The owners approved the modifications 30–2, with Washington and Oakland voting no. The changes will be reviewed after a year.

Former NFL players were quick to weigh in on the changes.

Omg a rule that the defense can benefit from thank you Lord #NFL

Former kicker Jay Feely said he saw more potential of injuries to the offensive line.

What did the NFL really accomplish? It's still nearly automatic (90%vs 99%) but greater risk of injury to Oline

According to the NFL Network, the change will keep a high level of accuracy, but the attempts will be less of a sure thing.

In 2014, extra point kicks were 99.5% accurate. In preseason experiment for 2 weeks with snap from the 15-yard line: 94.3% accurate

And for those who doubted the impact of the rule change, Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano had a suggestion to keep things interesting.

Should have changed the extra point to a 50 yard field goal. That would have been more interesting 😎.