Now People In North Carolina Are Saying A Clown Tried To Lure Kids Into The Woods

Police in Winston-Salem received two reports of a man dressed as a clown on Sunday, following similar reports last month of clowns luring kids in South Carolina.

After residents in South Carolina reported a creepy clown trying to lure kids into the woods last month, police in North Carolina received a similar report on Sunday.

On Sunday night, Winston-Salem police officers were called to a neighborhood after two children said they saw a clown who tried to lure them into the woods with treats, according to a police report. An adult also heard, but did not see, the interaction.

The man was reported to be wearing white overalls, white gloves, red shoes, bushy red hair, with a white face and red nose.

Police investigated, but they could not find anyone, according to the report.

Just after midnight, police received a call from another person who said they had seen a man dressed as a clown in a neighborhood two miles away.

The story told by the children was similar to a recent report in Greenville, South Carolina. Several people there said they saw a clown talking to children near an apartment complex, prompting the property manager to send a letter of warning to residents.

Winston-Salem police said they would increase patrols in the area as a precaution. Anyone with more information was asked to call police.

"The Winston-Salem Police Department is aware that similar incidents have occurred recently in South Carolina and is taking this matter seriously," a statement said.

In South Carolina, the sightings set residents on edge, and some passed around photos believed to be the clowns. The people in the photos, however, turned out to be a New Hampshire performance art group who told BuzzFeed News they had not traveled outside of their state.

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