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Newspaper Takes A Bold Stand Against Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

The Indianapolis Star took the bold move of using its entire front page to call out lawmakers regarding the new law, telling them to "fix this now". Legislators told the paper they were working to "clarify" that the law would not allow discrimination.

Posted on March 30, 2015, at 11:11 p.m. ET

The Indianapolis Star demanded protection for the LGBT community on its front page Tuesday as national backlash continued toward Indiana's new religious freedom law.

It's this important. Tuesday's front page. #rfra ”

The paper's president and publisher Karen Ferguson explained on Twitter, "It's this important."

Republican state legislators told the Star they were working to "clarify" the law, which activists have said would allow Indiana business owners to deny services to LGBT people.

Lawmakers have also disputed that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has anything to do with discrimination.

"What we are proposing is to make it crystal clear that RFRA cannot be raised in a denial-of-services claim," Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma told BuzzFeed News.

The paper also called on readers to share their support for equality on Twitter with #WeAreIndiana.

Support the courageous @indystar for their unequivocal support of equal rights for all. Don't live in Indiana, but #WeAreIndiana

I used to speak praises about living in Indiana. I used to be proud. I am NOW embarrassed. #WeAreIndiana

We are not bigots. This law won't stand. It doesn't represent us or our values. #WeAreIndiana

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