Icelandic Women Come Together To #FreeTheNipple In Solidarity With A Feminist Teen

College students, mothers, and a politician posted photos of their exposed breasts to join a 17-year-old in protesting nudity double standards. Warning: NSFW due to lots of nipples.

As a young feminist, Adda Smaradottir didn't appreciate the double standard women faced about going topless. So she posted a photo of her nipple.

#FreetheNipple has in recent years become an international campaign calling into question the stigmas about nudity faced by women in general.

After getting negative comments from a guy, Smaradottir initially took the photo down.

In a post on Facebook, she said the interaction was difficult, and it took some time before she reposted the photo.

"But it was enough to start a revolution," she wrote.

More women began to share online the power of their nipples in raising their families.

Það fallegasta sem líkami minn hefur gert: gengið með tvö börn, nært þau með mínum yndislegu brjóstum #FreeTheNipple

Some women decided to say fuck it.

The movement spread to Björt Ólafs­dót­tir, a member of Iceland's parliament.

Þessi er hérna til að gefa börnum að borða. Troðiði því upp í feðraveldið á ykkur. #FreeTheNipple

“This is to feed chil­dren. Shove it up your pa­tri­archy. #FreeTheNip­ple," she said.

Other women shared the scars of fighting breast cancer.

Drottningin hún móðir mín vildi vera með í byltingunni. Hún greindist með brjóstakrabbamein árið 2013 #FreeTheNipple

After hundreds of nipples filled Iceland residents' timelines, Smaradottir said she felt proud.

Facebook: addasmaradottir

Breasts are beautiful, and no woman should be ashamed of them, she wrote.

"I am proud of the discussions that I have started, and I'm really grateful for those who have stood by me."

Almost everyone's reaction was positive, she told BuzzFeed News.

"i think women in Iceland responded this way because they are tired of not owning their body completely."

To other women around the world, Smaradottir added: "If you want to free the nipple, free it. If you don't wan't to, don't do it. It's your choice and only yours."