Apple Will Swap Out The Pistol Emoji For A Squirt Gun

The change comes after gun-control advocates asked for the pistol to be removed, but some emoji users were unimpressed by the new symbol.

Apple will trade the pistol emoji for a toy squirt gun when iOS 10 is released to iPhone and iPad users this fall.

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The company announced the change on Monday as part of a series of updates that aim to make emojis more diverse.

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"This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options," an Apple statement said.

The change came after advocacy group New Yorkers Against Gun Violence called for Apple to #disarmtheiphone.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence / Via

In an open letter to Apple, the group called on the company to take a stand for stricter gun laws.

"We ask that you stand with the American people and remove the gun emoji from all your products as a symbolic gesture to limit gun accessibility," the letter said. "We understand taking the emoji out will not end gun violence, but this act will show Congress that gun-owning and non-owning Americans have come together to demand required background checks for ALL gun sales."

In June, Apple also spoke up in a Unicode meeting against a proposed rifle emoji.


Members unanimously agreed, and the rifle emoji was shelved.

Microsoft also spoke out against a rifle emoji, a Unicode member told BuzzFeed at the time. Since last year, Microsoft's Windows 10 has displayed the pistol emoji as a toy gun.

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On Twitter, people were kind of 🙄 about the change.

Finally. Too many emoji lives have been lost at the hands of emoji guns.

Apple is getting rid of the gun emoji. What do they think, this 🔫 is gonna randomly shoot them in the face?

folks gonna send 🌊 🔫 emojis w/ the same intent as the regular 🔫 emoji. emojis make people kill about as much as an actual firearm does. smh

How the fuck am I meant to shoot my emoji self with a water gun???