A Goat Casually Walked Into A California Starbucks

Sometimes you just need a cup of joe.

A goat was spotted wandering around a Northern California shopping complex, and it eventually strolled right into a Starbucks.

Police in Rohnert Park, about an hour north of San Francisco, said they were surprised to get the call of an apparently coffee-seeking goat early Sunday morning. A sergeant "took the goat into custody," and then dropped it off at the animal shelter, police said.

The goat's owners recognized it on news reports, Bay City News Service reported.

The female goat was reunited at the shelter with her owners — who will be building a new fence, Bay City News Service reported.

Before stopping at the Starbucks, the goat apparently tried to get its caffeine fix at a 7-11.


Laeni Gross, a student at nearby Sonoma State University, ran into the goat while making a snack run with friends. The goat was pretty chill about it.


"Everyone was super excited to see this goat," Gross told BuzzFeed. "It was awesome having been followed by a goat at 4 a.m."


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