Donald Trump Toured Some Trucks Today And You Know What Happens Next

One truck — a fire truck — was called "beautiful" by the president.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump toured a bunch of trucks, boats, and forklifts on the White House lawn.

Made in America trucks (and boat and a forklift) on the South Lawn. The president will be touring them later.

All of the trucks were Made in America – as this week has been declared "Made in America" week by the president – and he took great glee in checking out the heavy machinery.

Trump in a fire truck, Pence looks on

The last time Trump took some time from his schedule to look at trucks it exploded the internet — it was just about all anyone could talk about. It really, really, looked like he loved trucks.

Find you someone who loves you as much as Trump loves sitting in that truck.

So today was obviously a very special day. Here's Trump hopping into a fire truck, before joking and saying, "Where's the fire? I'll put it out." Then he called the truck "beautiful," according to the White House pool report.

People were, understandably, excited for the president.

Convinced "Made in America" week is simply an excuse for Trump to get to sit in a big, shiny fire truck.

The irony of Trump yelling "Where's the fire?!" while sitting in a fire truck parked outside the White House

It's nice how whenever Trump's had a rough couple of weeks they let him ride in a big truck like a big boy to cheer…

The number of times Pres Trump has posed in a truck on the WH lawn is now exactly double the number of solo press conferences he’s given.

Later, at a press conference in the White House, Trump put on a cowboy hat and talked about the need to "level the playing field" for American workers.

"Every member of my administration shares the same goal — to provide a level playing field for American workers and American industry," he said.

"We are providing it much faster than other countries would like."

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