This Guy Made A Meme Scrapbook To Send To His Friend At Military Boot Camp So She Wouldn't Miss Out

I need a friend like this.

Khaled Kharma is a 27-year-old freelance photographer from New Jersey who is being praised across social media for his dedication to sharing memes with his friends, even when they don't have access to the internet.

Recently, Khaled's friend Jasmin traveled to Texas to attend an Air Force boot camp in Bexar County.

But after getting a letter from Jasmin in the mail a week ago, Khaled came up with an idea: He would compile the memes on his computer, print them out, and send them to Jasmin in the mail.

Khaled tweeted out his meme care package on Wednesday morning, and people fell in love with the idea almost immediately.

My friend is away at boot camp and can't use her phone, so I'm sending here memes. She is missing much tbh

The package was only sent on Tuesday, so it will be a couple of days before Jasmin actually receives the memes.

"I can imagine it'll make her laugh and probably the other girls she's friends with if she can show them," Khaled said.

"Mostly, I'm getting really positive feedback," said Khaled, who has received plenty of tweets from people asking him to make meme packages for them as well.

@k_is_like @kalesalad You're a real one for printing them colored too 😭👏🏽

@k_is_like Dang that would have been great lol

@k_is_like I'll pay you to do this for me

May we all hope to have friends like Khaled to send us memes in our time of need.

@k_is_like You are the best friend. I would cry if I recieved this in the mail

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