This Guy Took A Stuffed Peacock Onto The Subway And No One Looked Up From Their Phone

This is normal in New York City, I guess.

This is Reid Watson from Texas. He's 26 years old, and he recently stole a stuffed peacock from a bar.

Here he is with the peacock.

Reid runs a bar called Weather Up in Tribeca, New York, and found himself stealing the peacock — named Francis — from Weather Up's sister bar after some prompting from his boss. His boss wanted to mount Francis in their own bar as a sort of trophy.

Unfortunately for Reid (and his boss), he was caught pretty much red-handed transporting the peacock on the NYC subway, after a photo of him doing just that went viral.

The photo was originally tweeted on Thursday afternoon and picked up thousands of retweets. Then it was uploaded to Reddit (where it made it to the front page), and Reid was just about forced to come clean.

Midday on the @NYCTSubway. Guy walks onto a train with this.

A lot of reactions to the photo have focused on the fact that no one seems to give a damn that a grown-ass man is carrying a stuffed peacock on the train. That's NYC for ya.

@Jill_Jorgensen @chayesmatthew @NYCTSubway Love the total non-reaction from everyone else

@chayesmatthew @O_Raul @NYCTSubway And everyone pretends to be unimpressed by it

@chayesmatthew @VeraMBergen @NYCTSubway Love how no one is actually looking at it.

"I had no idea this would make it to the internet," Reid told BuzzFeed News. "Yesterday afternoon I was just hungover, smuggling a dead bird, hoping no one would spot me."

The official NYCT Subway Twitter account did notice, though, and has hinted online that it is searching for Reid.

@chayesmatthew if possible, can you please provide more details about this incident?^TCB

"I did notice the MTA [New York Metropolitan Transport Authority] was looking for me," said Reid, "which is funny, 'cause they should be looking for solutions to fix the damn trains."

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