People Keep Discovering That Outback Steakhouses Can Be Linked To Form A Pentagram

Is the home of the bloomin' onion home to much more?

There is a restaurant chain in America called Outback Steakhouse. It's an Australian-themed dining experience with a menu that features things like the "Alice Springs Chicken" and the "Queensland Chicken and Shrimp Pasta." Perhaps you've heard of it.

Recently, Outback Steakhouse found itself going viral on Twitter for a reason other than its food. Namely, the fact that multiple Outback locations can be linked — via Google Maps — to create a pentagram.

@eatmyaesthetics @TooDopeWithHope I can't believe it

Originally tweeted by @eatmyaesthetics, initial screenshots of the Outback Steakhouse Pentagram in various locations across the globe picked up hundreds of thousands of retweets.

Here it is in Washington, DC...

@hanginwitcoop @eatmyaesthetics Hold the damn phone.

In Georgia...

@TatiJayy_ @hanginwitcoop @eatmyaesthetics WHATS REALLY GOING ON? 👀😭

In Baltimore...

@whatupweston @MikeLaPenta @_belleEasha @TatiJayy_ @hanginwitcoop @eatmyaesthetics This is in Baltimore 👀

In San Francisco...

And in Brazil.

@eatmyaesthetics Kinda easy to do, but São Paulo (Brazil) has one too

The pentagram (or five-pointed star) is a symbol that has links to all sorts of wild shit. There are versions of it associated with Satan, with witches, with the occult, and also with religion. You probably knew that already, but if you didn't, now you do.

A Tumblr thread from four years ago was the first to surface this incredibly disturbing and entirely serious revelation. In it, user Fasntnig shared a screenshot of the Outback locations in Phoenix. This is the first documentation of the now-fabled Outback Steakhouse Pentagram.

BuzzFeed News contacted Outback Steakhouse looking for answers. What was this conspiracy? Was Outback Steakhouse aware? If so, what does Outback Steakhouse hope to do? Embrace Satan? These were all questions that Outback did not answer. Instead, media reps at Outback HQ directed BuzzFeed News to a tweet that showed a bloomin' onion (a huge fried onion that is one of Outback's more famous menu items) overlapping multiple Outback locations.

"We thought our response on Twitter summed it up well," said a spokesperson. "Perhaps people see what they want? We see Bloomin’ Onions!"

It is worth noting that if Outback were, say, creating restaurant location-specific pentagrams for some sort of weird cultish ritual in the future, it probably *would* respond to any questions from media with a funny tweet or joke intended to divert attention away from the whole pentagram thing.

So, now you know. Try it yourself. Chances are if you live in a city with at least five Outback Steakhouses, you might find yourself an Outback Steakhouse Pentagram. But before you do — a warning from Outback themselves:

@FlySkyRich @eatmyaesthetics If the Bloomin' Onion is evil then we don't want to be nice. 😉