Hundreds Of Mountain Goats Had To Be Relocated After Developing A Taste For Human Urine

This is a fact-based report and you should NOT kink-shame.

Rangers in Washington's Olympic National Park have had to tranquilise and airlift hundreds of mountain goats to a new home after the animals developed a taste for human urine.

Trucks and helicopters were used to move the blindfolded goats, who were then shifted to a new location 74 miles away in the North Cascades where they wouldn't have as big an impact on the park and the people in it.

The goats were examined and collared before making the journey to their new home.

Mountain goats are not native to the Olympic Park area and are considered a threat to native vegetation.

But what was the crime that inspired this huge migration? An insatiable appetite for salt and minerals that led to them seeking it out in human urine and sweat.

"They have learnt not to be afraid of people ... and they're made that connection of 'hmm I can get salt from people'," Olympic Park superintendent Sarah Creachbaum told CBS News Denver.

The mass goat movement has been planned since June, when park officials gave the green light to an initiative that would see around 375 goats moved on. It's estimated anywhere between 275 and 325 goats that can't be wrangled by rangers will be shot and killed.

In 2010 an aggressive mountain goat in the area charged at local man Robert Boardman and killed him. That goat was located by officials, who found and killed the animal.

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