This Dad Takes Pictures Of Dogs At His Work And Puts Them On Facebook As "Employee Of The Week"

The purest form of social media management is accidental.

This is Dillon Josephsen and his dad, Fred. Dillon is a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, and Fred has his own hardwood flooring company in New Jersey.

For the past few years, Dillon's dad has been posting an "employee of the week" to his business' Facebook page, featuring the dogs he meets while installing flooring.

Dillon told BuzzFeed News his dad was awarding "employee of the week" to customers' pets before he even had Facebook, but brought it onto the platform in 2012.

Sometimes, Fred doesn't even award it to a dog:

Facebook: JosephsenHardwoodFloors

Like, check out this donkey:

On Tuesday, Dillon decided to share his dad's five-year-long endeavor to award employee of the week to important dogs, cats, and family pets with his friends on Twitter. "I never looked at my dad's Facebook page but then I saw all of these pictures and I was like, 'my friends have got to see this,'" Dillon told BuzzFeed News.

My dad takes pictures of the dogs at the houses he works on and posts them on his business' Facebook page as employ…

The tweet blew up, with more than 50,000 retweets, and Fred Josephsen's hardwood flooring Facebook page went from 100 likes to over 2,000.

"He doesn't really understand it, or Twitter," Dillon said about his dad, "but he does understand how much people are reacting to it."

Hundreds of people have responded to the tweet loving Fred's Facebook posts, saying that — should they ever need hardwood flooring — Dillon's dad is the first person they'll call.

@_illdill_ Glad to see that your dad is an equal opportunity employer! Your tweet and your dad's FB site have made…

@_illdill_ Tell me he actually works alone and there isn't an assistant somewhere wishing a dog wasn't chosen instead of him

@_illdill_ This is the best!!! I want to follow your dad's business on FB!!!

@_illdill_ @cjhynes09 Omg😭😭😭😭 you're dad is an angel

Fred Josephsen's Facebook page has also been flooded with five-star reviews, even from people who aren't actually customers.

On Wednesday, Fred uploaded a new employee of the week for all of his new followers. It's Isla, Fred's own dachshund beagle rescue. "Have a great day," he wrote.

Facebook: JosephsenHardwoodFloors

We'll try, Fred. We'll try.

"It's great," said Dillon. "It's a lonely job [installing flooring], and he's always just been taking pictures of dogs... I did not expect this at all."

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