Twitter Built Its Own Tweetstorm Product

Twitter is not currently testing the product, but the public could see it soon.

WOAH! Twitter has a hidden tweet storm feature! h/t Devesh Logendran

Twitter has built a feature that will allow you to post tweetstorms directly inside the app.

The tweetstorm composer, spotted by The Next Web's Matt Navarra, currently exists within Twitter's product, but the company is not currently testing it. That said, a test may be on the way soon.

Some of Twitter's most recognizable features, including the hashtag, were built by the company after it saw popular behavior emerge on its platform. The tweetstorm format, pioneered by the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, seems like it could fit with that trend. Tweetstorms have now become so prominent The New York Times publishes its journalists' in print.

Last year, Twitter considered a feature that would allow people to post tweets of up to 10,000 characters, far more than its current limit of 140. That feature still hasn't seen the light of day, but the Tweetstorm composer could capture its spirit, giving users a way to share more extensive thoughts while keeping the 140 character limit.

Reached by BuzzFeed News, Twitter declined to comment.

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