This Guy Used A Simple Trick To Figure Out Snapchat's Big Announcement A Day Early

Tomorrow's big announcement... today?

Snapchat appears to be working on a global augmented reality art platform.

On Monday, the company posted a 24-hour countdown timer on the website that previewed what appeared to be a big upcoming announcement.

here we go again

But Twitter employee Jonah Grant set his computer's clock into the future....

@dcarr622 @samsheffer living in the future

And the site went live for him:

@samsheffer I wish startups would learn to start guarding against client-side date setting

The site Grant found appeared to display locations where Snapchat users could view what appears to be Jeff Koons artworks in augmented reality, using their phones.

A video on the site, since made inaccessible there, showed more detail:

Here's a link to the full video on Twitter.

The site Grant found showed the AR art in Paris:

And Sydney:

And other locations:

The site also had a sign up form for artists interested in working with Snap:

Asked to comment by BuzzFeed News, Snapchat declined. Given a chance to dispute the authenticity of the images, Snapchat also declined.

In April, Facebook, which has released a number of features and products that strongly resemble Snapchat, teased an art project for its camera platform that also combines art and augmented reality.